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Ecological Diver

What you need to Know

RAID now has an Eco awareness manual that we call ECOLOGICAL. This is a fantastic manual and it can be used for divers and non-divers. There are 2 courses loaded into the system, one is for divers and one is for non-divers. An ECOLOGICAL Instructor can teach both courses. The divers course has 2 dives added into an open water manual. The non-divers course just has the academic manual.

The academic manual focuses on:

  • The goals and challenges of marine conservation
  • A holistic understanding of the ocean environment
  • Anthropogenic, or human-caused threats to the ecosystem
  • Current conservation strategies including proactive methods of repairing damage and the value of premeditated efforts influenced by monitoring and evaluation
  • How scientific efforts influence policy
  • Systemic behavioural changes that can accelerate conversation efforts

In the Open Water manual there are the following:

  • Buoyancy and trim exercises
  • Buoyancy control on the bottom
  • Finning frog kick and modified flutter
  • Observation exercises

Contact Details

21 Van Riebeeck St, Norscot, Sandton, 2055