Do You know how to use Lightroom or do you fumble around?

Do you have an editing program and more importantly a way of cataloguing your images for easy reference and acquisition?

Always wanted to Watermark your images but don't know how?

Lightroom Level I

This course will teach you all aspects of working with Adobe's economical yet powerful Lightroom program. Using Lightroom efficiently will enable you to spend more time behind the camera.

You  learn  techniques and knowledge in: 

Getting Started and setting up templates and presets

  • Catalog management 
  • Workflow
  • Organising your photography
  • Applying Keywords
  • Image Enhancement Basic incl White Balance correction, exposure and saturation
  • Cropping
  • Shortcuts
  • Exporting 
  • Course Duration 6 Hours or 2  x 3 Hour session
  • Lightroom Level II

You  learn advanced techniques and knowledge in: 

  • File management
  • Catalog management 
  • Various file formats and what they do and mean
  • Metadata, IPTC, EXIF, Keywording
  • Automation related tasks and features
  • Importing and Exporting with Presets
  • Using 3rd party services that integrate with Lightroom
  • Toning, Advanced Coloring Techniques, Curves, Distortion Correction, Proper Noise Removal, Understanding Histograms, Composition and Cropping
  • Various methods of producing proper HDRs
  • Using and understanding Brushes and Gradients 
  • Extreme editing techniques
  • Course Duration 6 Hours or 2  x 3 Hour session